Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Project Full Expression Cafe

The following is the Full Expression Cafe project:

Full Expression Cafe

location: Shibuya



Closed Monday

  1. Business Description

  • Full Expression is an inspirational Music Cafe & Event Space designed to provide a relaxing environment in the heart of Shibuya. In the mist of a demanding life, Full Expression seeks to provide community for friends (everyone who comes) with a place to release stress or celebrate the joys of life as they express or embrace the art of music.

Targeting individuals 25 and up, all lovers of the Arts are welcome to enjoy good food influenced by the Western Southern Cuisine as well as coffee and other bar alcohol and non-alcoholic specialty drinks. Full Expression hopes to provide an inviting atmosphere that welcomes all, no matter the age or nationality, to come express themselves through the Arts as Musicians, M.C., DJ, Dancers, Poets, Artist, Actors, Comedians, etc. If anyone are none of those but just love good music and the arts, you are welcome to come and fully enjoy yourself at Full Expression.

  • Managed by David and LaTonya Whitaker, Full Expression will be opened 6 days a week with Monday being the imposed day off. Hours of operation will normally be 4-12 however the time will be flexed due to events and classes. As demand increases 1 to 2 part-time employees will me hired to help provide good customer service and a relaxing environment.

  1. Mission
  • Full Expression's Mission is to build a family that can offer love and support to those individuals seeking to grow in their art
  • Offer encouragement in the sometime demanding life of Tokyo
  • Celebrate with you as you rejoice the happiness of life.

  1. Goals
  • The Arts are strong in Japan, especially in the Tokyo area. However there are a least 3 things that are lacking
    • A consistent environment to showcase the arts for the up and coming artist. Full Expression will provide a stage for those artist as well as create a environment for networking.
    • A musical environment that is not only inviting to the younger crowd but the the older crowd as well. Full Expressions hopes to create an environment that all will feel welcome no matter the age. We will host live shows that will include soul music, jazz music and rock music from 60's to the 90's to appeal to different generations as well as traditional and modern Japanese and World Music.
    • A music community that embraces and showcases different nationalities. There are many International Live Houses, Cafes and Clubs as well as many Japanese Live House, Cafes, and Clubs. However Full Expression wants to provide an eclectic Live Cafe where anyone feels welcome to preform.
  • Full Expression sole purpose is displaying all aspects of what love is and expressing that through creativity. As a result, Full Expression will be a host to classes in cooking, English, music, vocal and sound engineering during the day.

  • Full Expression will also serve as a live music venue for special events such as:
    • Open Mic
    • Live Concerts
    • Jam Sessions
    • Sunday Jazz
    • Sunday Gospel
  • Other Non Music events may include
    • Poetry Reading
    • Discussion Night
    • Book Readings
    • Story Telling
    • Performance Arts
    • Comedy Shows
    • Living Painting
    • Art Exhibits
  • Private Parties are also welcome
    • Wedding Pa rites
    • Company Parties
    • Family Parties
    • Friend `Parties
    • Etc.
  • As more and more people are becoming more interested in their spiritual side, Full Expression also seeks to provide a neutral setting for individuals to express themselves. Specialty events such the Sunday Gospel will provide singers and lovers of Gospel Music an avenue to sing and learn more about Spirit of the Music.
  • In a effort to give back to the community, Full Expression will open to anyone who is hungry once a month. It is Full Expression's Hope that this Community will trust enough to be serve a meal or receive any other services that can be provided. (Non alcohol days) During the day the cafe will also will also be open to a women's group once a week to offer support to those who have been raped or sexually abused.
  • A final goal of Full Expression is to network with the existing business in Shibuya to build a stronger community that we main gain and give support.
We are asking for 4,000 people to donate or invest $100
or 10,000 yen. (The choice is yours)
If you donate $100 or 10,000 yen your gift will be fully
appreciated in love.
If you invest $100 or 10,000 yen Full Expressions will
repay $200 after 3 years

All givers (if it is OK) will have their names written on a
wall in the cafe to give special thanks for helping this
dream to become a reality.
If you would like to give more or less, we gladly accept your

We are also accepting service offerings.

please email for bank transfer information